I was born in Slovakia in 1974, a country at the "Heart of Europe" ( the title proudly claimed by practically all neighboring countries) in the mountainous region of High Tatras. While my father had always had a camera of some sort, the only time I showed any interest in it was the very same minute my two other brothers did. Well, I'm sure our dad loved those brotherly moments. That changed a little in my teens when I had my simple darkroom set up.
  The real photography ball lightning hit me in 1999, the conditions were just right for such phenomenon to occur during the long and rainy Vancouverian winter. Having moved to BC, Canada, I spent hours, days and weeks browsing numerous photography publications in the local major book store and by the time the rain was over and done with I was ready to begin the hunt for light. Yes, the hunt is on and it takes me to some spectacular places,doubling my outdoor and travel experiences. Hopefully my photographs show some of the magic I constantly strive to capture and you enjoy them the same way I enjoy taking them.